Business Insurance RISK Assessment

This tool will help you to determine your level of risk exposure.

Please answer the following questions. When you are finished, click "Submit".
Do you purchase supplies and products from other firms?
Do you hire other firms to provide services to you?
Do you license your name or other intellectual property to others?
Do you rent or lease property to others?
Do you resell products or services?
Do employees from other firms come to your place of business?
Do you have indemnity and insurance requirements language in all of your contracts, leases, purchase orders and license agreements?
Do you require that your vendors, contractors, lessees, etc. name your firm as an "additional insured" on their liability insurance policies?
Have you analyzed the potential liabilities to your firm that could be created by one of your vendors contractors, or lessees?
Do you regularly and consistently request, obtain and review proof of insurance and additional insured status from your vendors, contractors and lessees?