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Comprehensive Insurance Tracking Service

Our Full Service Certificate of Insurance Tracking system gives you all the flexibility of an in-house solution, without all the time consuming duties that go with it. Ebix BPO will work with you to get a listing of all the vendors who's insurance you'd like to track, help you set up insurance profiles for them based on your insurance requirements, and make all necessary contacts with them in order to ensure that their certificate of insurance is valid, current and compliant.

All insurance certificates, endorsements, or any other documents, are scanned into the system and available to you 24/7 via your personalized access page. Every year, you will receive a CD-ROM with every insurance document we have on file for you, indexed for your easy retrieval. We can even tie into your company's accounting system to provide vital pieces of information to everyone who works with your vendors.

Once you are logged in to your secured page, you have access to more than 40 unique and informative insurance tracking reports, allowing you to stay up to date on all of your vendors. Our system lets you break down your entire vendor count in any number of ways so you can find just the information you are seeking. If you don't see a report that you would like, JUST LET US KNOW! We can customize reports just for you. You also have the ability to place waivers on certain coverages for individual vendors for any length of time. Electronic communication with your staff makes for an efficient means of staying in touch with the Ebix BPO team responsible for your account.