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Ebix BPO's technology is based on mainstream business platforms that utilize products from such well-known vendors as IBM, HP-Compaq, and Microsoft. Processes and services utilize cutting-edge software that has been designed, developed and maintained by Ebix BPO. This allows us to quickly adapt and customize services to meet customer needs.

Ebix BPO evolved from real world risk management solutions, therefore our technology and services are among the most forward-looking in the industry. Ebix BPO has implemented solutions that provide XML and web service capabilities and access to data from wireless devices using mobile web technology.

Ebix BPO's web application has received glowing reviews for its thorough yet easy-to-use interface. Clients have real-time secure (encrypted and password-protected) access to data that allows for better business decisions from any internet connection, 7 x 24 x 365.